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jwunited.org does not log or share your personal information. We do not track you. We do not profile you.

When you contact us via email, we will use your contact information to respond to you.

We will not sell or share this info with anyone else.

We fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Registered user

If you choose to create an account on one of our sites you will have to complete a form containing the fields as in image bellow.

Registration form

As you can see it is not mandatory to provide us any personal information, but if you choose to do so it will be stored on our platform until you choose to delete your account.

However your content will remain of this platform if it is conform with our 'Terms and conditions' and with our 'Privacy policy'.

We do not store your IP address and we do not serve any tracking or identifying cookies.

As a registered user you are able to contribute to our content, post comments etc, however all your activity is store and available to others in order to be able to respond to your affirmation.

All your content must be conform with our Terms and conditions of use and with our Privacy policy.