Drama of Vengeance (Part 4)

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She WAI CHTOW'TER ANNOUNCING JEHOVAR’S KINGDOM Vou. LX Marcy 15, 1939 No. 6 DRAMA OF VINDICATION PART 4 “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth.” —Ps. 46:10, RV. EHOVAH will have all creation to know that he is the Almighty God. Only those who know and acknowledge this will live. It has been very diffi- cult for men to learn that indisputable fact. Among men there has always been a tendency to exalt crea- tures, and such has been due to the influence of Satan, That wily foe has employed all manner of means of deception and flattery to cause men to exalt the name of some creature or creatures. Satan exalts himself against Jehovah God, and his pur- pose is to cause other creatures to exalt themselves against God in defiance of the Most High. Self- exaltation results in just one thing, to wit, abase- ment and destruction. Jesus impressed this fact upon those who heard him. His words are: “For whoso- ever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.,.—Luke 14:11.

  • Jesus took the course exactly opposite to self-

exaltation. He completely humbled himself in obe- dience to his Father’s will, and God exalted Jesus to the highest place next to Jehovah himself. Why did Jesus abase himself? Because he loves and has always loved Jehovah with all his heart, soul and mind. God laid that rule before Israel: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” (Deut. 6:5; Matt. 22:37) Few persons have appreciated the importance of that divine rule, and many have wondered why God should thus command his crea- tures. The rule is not for the benefit of Jehovah, but is unselfishly announced to safeguard man from Satan’s wily deceptions. The determination of Satan is to turn all men away from God; and man’s only place of safety is full and undivided devotion to the Most High.

  • Mark the fact that Jehovah began to magnify

this rule before the Israelites. Only a small num- ber of that people in covenant with Jehovah appre- ciated’ the rule and tried to obey it. Because of the recorded experiences of natural Israel, and because of the greater enlightenment of spiritual Israel, the latter should at all times have been diligent to ob- 83 serve and to obey that divine rule, but even the greater number of those who have covenanted to do the will of God and have been favored with his spirit have failed to obey that rule.

  • Joshua was leading Israel’s host, and he had to

be forcibly reminded of this rule, and he joyfully obeyed, as will be observed hereinafter. From the day of the apostles till now professed followers of Christ Jesus have repeatedly been reminded of the importance of that rule, and only a few have joy- fully obeyed it. A most striking example of that failure to obey is that made by the Roman Cath- olic organization, whose leaders claim, even though falsely, to be God’s servants and his church. The clergy of that institution exalt themselves, and the people exalt them, and their end is certain accord- ing to the statement of the rule. God is no respecter of persons, and his rules do not change. During the “Elijah period” of the church the “evil servant”, as a class, was exalted and the members thereof ex- alted themselves and heaped honor and praise upon one another, making it appear that men were con- sidered of great importance; and their end has been clearly marked.—Matt. 24: 48-51.

  • Jehovah purposes to make his name glorious

among all creation, because only those who know Jehovah, recognizing him and obeying him accord- ing to his rule, will ever live. Let us keep in mind that Jehovah’s name is that which is at issue. Un- less his name is exalted among all creation the Devil has succeeded in his wicked and boastful chal- lenge. The Devil cannot succeed. The issue must be settled to the honor and glory of Jehovah. His great and holy name must be vindicated. That was the purpose of Jehovah from the beginning. His purpose is certain to be carried out. Jehovah could never be disturbed concerning the vindication of His name, because that is certain to be accom- plished. Knowing the end from the beginning, he has taken his own good time to exalt and to fully vindicate his name. With his covenant people Isracl he made many prophetic pictures illustrating his