Obadiah (Part 1)

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e WAICHI LOWER AND HERALD OF CHRIST'S PRESENCE Vor. LVIT June 15, 1936 No, 12 OBADIAH PART 1 “When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.’’—Ps. 102: 16. manifest to his servants after he had sent his Messenger, Christ Jesus, straightway to the temple. The Chief One of Jchovah’s capital organi- zation is Christ Jesus, and he appears at the temple as the representative of Jchevah, and thus he builds up Zion, All power in heaven and in earth having been committed hy Jehovah to the Lord Jesus, the appear- ing of Jesus at the temple and the building up of Zion is in fact the appearing of Jehovah and the shin- ing forth is Jehovah's glory. Jesus Christ is the ex- press image of Jchovah, and the glory of Jehovah is made to appear by and throvzh Christ Jesus. At the temple Christ Jesus is aeccompanicd by his retinue of angels, who serve him and do his bidding, as he ihe great dudge sits upon his threne of glory, (Matt. 25:31) The time is the day of judgment, which judg- ment begins at the house of God, and which pertains particularly to those who are in a covenant to do the will of God, whether that covenant be actual or by implication. It was at the coming of the Lord to the temple that the unfolding of the prophecies be- gan, and those who are received and made a part of the temple organization, or Aion, see and appreciate the prophecies as the Lord unfolds them. Those who are in a covenant to do the will of God but whom the Lord finds to be unfaithful when he appcars and judges at the temple do not see or understand the fulfillment of the prophecies, For that reason there are those who elaim to be in the truth but who fail to see present truth and hence doubt that there is really any evidence of the seeond coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such persons find themselves trying to locate themselves by reason of chronology, and, being unable to do so, they lose what little light they once possessed. Had such persons been unselfishly looking to the faithful performance of the covenant which they had made, and to the vindication of Jchovah’s name, doubtless they would have laid hold on the promises and clearly discerned and appreciated the prophecies. 2Those who have not been approved and received into the temple even raise objections to The Watch- tower, saying that it is only the expression of the J inonitest caused his glory to begin to be made opinion of man and therefore cannot be relicd upon. Others, who have had a desire to shine in the eyes of men, make remarks of this nature, to wit: “The Watchtower docs not contain sufficient information to enable me to prepare from it a discourse for the fricnds.”? Being complainers, murmurers and fault- finders, both of the objectors here named are in the same class. (Jude 16) Lhe Walchtower docs not at- tempt the expression of the opinion of any man con- eerning prophecy, but in the laneuage of the Serip- tures continucs to declare that prophecy is not of private interpretation, (2 Pet. 1:20) Since the com- ing of the Lord Jesus to the temple as the representa- tive of his Father he causes to be brought to the at- tention of those who love him the physical facts show- ing fulfillment of prophecy, and, setting these facts alongside the words of the prophecy, those who love God are enabled to see how such facts fit the propheey and thus show the fulfillment thereof. Being wholly devoted to Jehovah, such are not coneerned about chronology, but accept what the Lord clearly reveals, and that is usually after the date under consideration is past. They are not speculating as to the time when they are going to get off the carth and be taken to heaven. They have cngaged to serve Jchovah for cver, and fully appreciate the fact that it is not for the creature to determine or even attempt to determine just whe. his serviee on the earth may eease and when he may be transferred to heavenly realins. The elief objective of the faithful servant class is to serve dcho- vah and his kingdom, knowing full well that the Lord is directing their course and will bring about the re- sult according to his holy will, Whether Armageddon is one year or many years in the future is not material to the faithful servant class. These faithful ones have entered into the joy of the Lord, whieh is the vindiea- tion of Jchovah’s name, and, knowing that Armaved- don will vindicate Jehovah’s name, the faithful serv- ant class are perfectly willing to wait on the Lord and continue loyally and faithfully serving him. These faithful ones are in the Lord’s organization, and by the grace of the Lord they delight to remain there for ever, and the place of service they do not even care to choose. They well know that God assiens all mem- 179