Organization (Part 1)

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She WATCHTOWER. PUBLISHED SEMIMONTHLY By WATCH TOWER BIBLE © TRACT SOCIETY 117 Adams Street ~- Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. OFFICERS J. F, RUTHERFORD President W. E. VAN AMBURGH Secretary “And all thy children shall be taught of Jehovah; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” - Isaiah 54:13. THE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH THAT JEHOVAH is the only true God, is from everlasting to everlasting, the Maker of heaven and earth and the Giver of life to his creatures; that the Logos was the beginning of his creation, and his active agent in the creation of all things; that the Logos is now the Lord Jesus Christ in glory, clothed with all power in heaven and earth, and the Chief Executive Officer of Jehovah. THAT GOD created the earth for man, created perfect man for the earth and placed him upon it; that man willfully disobeyed God’s law and was sentenced to death; that by reason of Adam’s wrong act all men are born sinners and without the right to life. THAT JESUS was made human, and the man Jesus suf- fered death in order to produce the ransom or redemptive price for all mankind; that God raised up Jesus divine and exalted him to heaven above every creature and above every name and clothed him with all power and authority. THAT JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION is called Zion, and that Christ Jesus is the Chief Officer thereof and is the rightful King of the world; that the anointed and faithful followers of Christ Jesus are children of Zion, members of Jehovah’s organization, and are his witnesses whose duty and privilege it is to testify to the supremacy of Jehovah, declare his purposes toward mankind as expressed in the Bible, and to bear the fruits of the kingdom before all who will hear. THAT THE WORLD has ended, and the Lord Jesus Christ has been placed by Jehovah upon his throne of authority, has ousted Satan from heaven and is proceeding to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. THAT THE RELIEF and blessings of the peoples of earth ean come only by and through Jehovah’s kingdom under Christ, which has now begun; that the Lord’s next great act is the destruction of Satan’s organization and the estab- lishment of righteousness in the earth, and that under the kingdom ’all those who will obey its righteous laws shalilive on earth forever. ITS MISSION HIS journal is published for the purpose of enabling the people to know Jehovah God and his purposes as expressed in the Bible. It publishes Bible instruction specifically designed to aid Jehovah’s witnesses and all people of good will. It arranges systematic Bible study for its readers and the Society supplies other literature to aid in such studies, It publishes suitable material for radio broadcasting and for other means of public instruction in the Scriptures. It adheres strictly to the Bible as authority for its utter- ances. It is entirely free and separate from all parties, sects or other worldly organizations. It is wholly and without reservation for the kingdom of Jehovah God under Christ his beloved King. It is not dogmatic, but invites careful and critical examination of its contents in the light of the Scriptures. It does not indulge in controversy, and its col- umns are not open to personalities. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE UNITED STATES, $1.00; CANADA AND MISCELLANEOUS FOREIGN, $1.50; GREatT BRITAIN, AUSTRALASIA, AND SOUTH AFRICA, 7s. American remittances should be made by Postal or Express Money Order or by Bank Draft. Canadian, British, South African and Australasian remittances should be made direct to the respective branch offices. Remittances from countries other than those men- tioned may be made to the Brooklyn office, but by International Postal Money Order only. FOREIGN OFFICES British ......... 84 Craven Terrace, London, W.2, England Canadian .....- 40 Irwin Avenue, Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada Australasian . . 7 Beresford Road, Strathfield, N.S. W., Australia South African ...... Boston House, Cape Town, South Africa Please address the Society in every case. (Translations of this journal appear in several languages.) All sincere students of the Bible who by reason of infirmity, poverty or adversity are unable to pay the subscription price may have The Watchtower free upon written application to the publishers, made once each year, stating the reason for so re- questing it. We are glad to thus aid the needy, but the written application once each year is required by the postal regulations. Notice to Subscribers: Acknowledgment of a new or a renewal sub- scription will be sent only when requested. Change of address, when requested, may be expected to appear on address label within one month. A renewal blank (carrying notice of expiration) will be sent with the journal one month before the subscription expires. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Brooktyn, N. Y., under the Act of Merch 3, 1879, “BOLDNESS” June 4-12, inclusive, the period set aside and named as ‘‘ Bold- ness’’ Testimony, comes neur the climax of the current world- wide campaign which began last April 9. During this special period there will be no change in procedure except as to in- tensity in effort. Continue offering the excellent combination of a year’s subscription for Consolation, the book Enemies (or Riches), and the new booklet Cure, on a $1.00 contribution. Many not already kingdom publishers may find ‘‘Boldness’’ eriod a favorable time to start exercising boldness by arrang- ing to then begin taking part in the house-to-house witness, offering the above splendid combination. Those not already re- ceiving copies of the Informant with detailed instructions on this campaign and its procedure, either through a local organi- zation or direct from here, should get in touch with us. All assistance will be gladly rendered. All publishers should duly report in the regular way the results of the witness during this ‘‘Boldness’’ period. CONVENTION FOR THE NORTHWEST A convention of Jehovah’s witnesses for the Northwest will be held in the Civic Auditorium at Seattle, Washington. The dates of the convention are June 2, 3, 4 and 5. The president of the Society expects to be present at this convention, having then just returned from the Australian convention. A largo public meeting is being arranged for Sunday, June 5, and the auditoriums will hold a capacity crowd of 15,500. The brethren in the western part of the United States and Canada should make arrangements for their vacations during this period. Those desiring to camp out or live in their trailers or house-ears will find splendid accommodations. Those desiring to live in homes or hotels can white for their accommodations, addressing your letters to the Watch Tower Convention Committee, 800 Broad- way, Seattle, Washington, Let all of Jehovah’s people ask Ilis blessing upon the witness that will be given to the honor of His name. PORTABLE PHONOGRAPH The Society now manufactures and has to offer a light-weight phonograph, being 14 by 13 by 54 inches in size, and covered with brown cloth and having rounded corners, It weighs 9 pounds 13 ounces. With three phonograph discs it ean be carried with tone arm in position and weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces, It can, however, accommodate ten discs. Volume of sound is strong, and the tone is of the best quality. As shipped out from our factory, the phonograph is timed properly, at 78 r.p.m., and should be checked from time to time. This model, including three discs, is offered on a contribution of $10.00; without tho three discs, $8.00. Remittances should accompany orders, Also specify the particular discs wanted.