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The Watchtower
Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom

Vol. LV
November 1, 1949
No. 22

"For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the vine of violence" -Prov. 4:17.


1 Jehovah had Daniel in Babylon to bear testimony to His name. Daniel stood out separate and distinct from all men of Babylon. Jehovah has taken out from the world (which is antitypical Babylon) men and women whom he has anointed and appointed to be his witnesses, and these must stand out separate and distinct from all men of the world. It is the name of Jehovah God that is involved, and the vindication of his name was the paramount issue in Daniel's day. That is still the paramount issue, and which issue must now be definitely settled in the right way. Men are of little importance, but the name of Jehovah is all-important; hence all divine prophecy should be examined with this thought in mind: that the principal reason for these prophetic pictures and the fulfilment thereof is the vindication of Jehovah's name, and what men have to do therewith and what is the result to men are of secondary importance.
2 Daniel had been in Babylon for several years, and in that time had proved himself a faithful and true witness to the name of God. He was of good old age, and still the Lord God would use him to bear testimony. For approximately 1,900 years God has been taking out from the world his church and using those thus selected to be his witnesses, and now, even in the old age of the church, in these last days the faithful are having greater opportunities of bearing testimony to Jehovah's name. The picture made in connection with the appearing of Daniel before the king of Babylon strongly indicates that the remnant would in these last days be given a greater privilege and responsibility to be witnesses to the name of the Most High and to bear before rulers of this world testimony to Jehovah’s name and to his kingdom. The mother queen had concluded her speech before his royal majesty, and the king, giving heed thereto, had Daniel brought before him. "Then was Daniel brought in before the king. And the king spake and said unto Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, which art of the children of the captivity of Judah, whom the king my father brought out of Jewry" (Dan, 5:13) The bringing of Daniel before the king was a last resort of Belshazzar, and after his wise men had utterly failed.
The so-called ‘‘wise men”’ of the present day, including the "brain trust", have utterly failed to suggest a method that will effectually bring peace and prosperity to the people. The prophecy indicates that the remnant of the church yet on earth must as a last resort serve notice and warning of such utter failure upon the earthly rulers of Satan’s organization called Babylon and that this notice must be served shortly preceding the overthrow of the wicked organization by Jehovah’s great Executive Officer. Jehovah has brought forth his witnesses for the purpose of giving such notice, The miserable failure of the clergy to tell the truth to the people makes it necessary for Jehovah God to employ the remnant to give notice and warning to the rulers of the world. It was in 1925 that God revealed to his people on earth the meaning of the two great signs or wonders appearing in heaven. (Rev. 12:1,3) Those great signs or wonders disclose to God’s people the organization of the enemy Satan, and the greater organization of Jehovah God, the explanation of which appears in The Watchtower, 1925, page 67 on. On September 27, 1930, the books Light, explaining The Revelation, including the two great signs and wonders and the seven last plagues, were released to the public, and a wide distribution of these books followed, and which were placed in the hands of many of the ruling class. Thereafter the importance of giving testimony was emphasized, and God’s organization on earth fixed a quota for the year 1931 of the amount of literature that it was hoped would be placed; and during each year from that time forward a like course has been taken and a greater testimony than ever given to the name of the Lord. It then became apparent that such is "the testimony of Jesus Christ", and the remnant understood more fully than before that the Lord has committed to his anointed ones on earth the obligation of delivering this testimony and that they must deliver it regardless of all opposition. The remnant are the witnesses for Jehovah.
3 No longer, therefore, could the faithful remnant be identified as merely "Bible Students"; because anyone claiming faith in God, and accepting the Bible