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November 15, 1934
The Watchtower

4:17) In 1931 Jehovah God by his witnesses brought this great fact to the attention of the rulers of this world, but they failed to give heed thereto or to learn any part of such great and important truths.—The Watchtower, 1931, pages 277, 278.
13 The proud failed to take warning, and refused to humble themselves before the mighty hand of God, just as Belshazzar failed to take warning and humble himself before God. Therefore said Daniel: "And thou his son, O Belshazzar, hast not humbled thine heart, though thou knewest all this." (Dan, 5:22) When the World War came the rulers were told that that was in fulfillment of prophecy, marking the end of Satan's power and rule, and the end of their own power and rule, and that God's kingdom was now at hand; but they failed and refused to give heed thereto. Since 1918 the purpose of Jehovah to destroy the organization of this wicked world has been repeatedly told to the rulers as a notice and warning to them; hence they can never plead ignorance concerning Jehovah's King and his kingdom. With the completion of the 'pouring out of the seventh vial', which pouring out

began in 1988, "Christendom" has received full notice that she is weighed in the balance, is found wanting, and is going to be destroyed. It is the handwriting on the wall; and the rulers, although being informed, refuse to repent and refuse to cease interfering with Jehovah's witnesses in carrying the message of truth to the people. They show their stubbornness and disregard of God's Word by continuing to oppose the delivering of the testimony by Jehovah's witnesses. These facets have recently been presented

to the Congress of the United States, at the hearing of which Big Business, the clergy, and the political representatives were present; and instead of giving heed to the message and acknowledging Jehovah God as supreme, such rulers, like Belshazzar, appealed to their own "wise men", including the clergy, and ignore Jehovah's witnesses and His message of truth, and by their course of action they continue to reproach the name of Jehovah the Most High. They have heard the truth and have had full opportunity to know what course to take, but, like Belshazzar, they spurn the truth.
14 The Lord Jesus at the temple as Jehovah's Chief Executive Officer has caused the warning to be given to "Christendom" time and again. As evidence of such warning there is here cited the "WARNING" resolution of July 1931, above referred to, also the Kingdom booklet, the Crisis booklet, and other like booklets since distributed. Instead of giving herd to this message of warning from the Lord the rulers of the world foreshadowed by Belshazzar have ridiculed, reproached and persecuted Jehovah's witnesses, and held them up to scorn before others, and have thus lifted up themselves against Jehovah even as did Belshazzar. Said Daniel: "But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy
lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified." (Dan. 5:23) The wicked conduct of the modern rulers of "Christendom" in persecuting Jehovah's witnesses is in fact against "the Lord of heaven", because these witnesses bring not their own message, but the message from the Lord God. These matters have been plainly stated before the rulers of the present day in the publications above mentioned, and also in Vindication, Books One, Two, and Three. The rulers, instead of giving heed to God’s message, have continued to drink the wine of Babylon, make themselves drunk, and use Jehovah’s witnesses in a disgraceful way to amuse themselves.

© it was ‘the finger of Almighty God’, that is to say, his beloved Son Christ Jesus, that did the writing upon DBelshazzar’s banquet hall: {Phen was the part ai the hend sent from him; and this writing was writ- ten’? (Dan, 5:24) Sinee Jehovah has poured out his spirit upon all his faithful witnesses he has sent forth Hiese withesses and used them io write his message uf truth ‘upon the wall? of reveling “Uhristendom’’, but ie puters have jgnored and despised the message and wickedly persecuted the measengers, 1 Belshagzar’s feast of wine-drinking and debauch- ery did not cease after the handwriting appeared; on the contrary, the misuse of the golden vessels of the fomple eontinued. Likewise during the time the anti- typieal plagues were being ponred out upon the world, Jrom 1926 to 1929, the earousal of Christendom’? has eontinued and those participating therein have in- erenased their hatred and bitterness toward Jehovah's siinesses, During reeent years the faithful remnant, under the direction of Jehovah's Chicf Ofticer, have continued to boldly, plainly and fearlessly inform “Christendom’” that this world organization is that of the Devil, That message delivercd, and the reac. ticn of ‘Chyistendom’?’ thereto, is all well summed up in the words of Jehovah's prophet Daniel spoken to Belshazzar on the oeeasion of his feast, to wit: “And this is the writing that was written, MENTE, ADEN, TRKEL, UPILARSIN.”? (Dan. 5:25) From an au- thority on oriental literature the following is quoted: “hese nysterious words are Aramaic. They are ren- cored on the margin of RV. “Numbered, numbered, weighed, and divisions’; Pharsin being the plural of the noun percs, Mene being the regular passive parti- viple of its verb In the Peal species, and Tekel being regarded as likewise a passive participle, with the vocalization which is traditionally given to it changed from tekil to tekel to eonfurm to the sound of mene’, These letters were not voealized as written on the wall, cud might have becn pronouneed in a variety of ways, Hven if the correct pronunciation had occurred to ene of the wise men as among several possibilities, he had no means of establishing the correctness of his