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  • The purpose of this platform is to promote the interests of the Kingdom of God through active participation in the testimony that is given before Armageddon. Matthew 24:14; Revelation 16:16;
  • The main activity of the platform is to make available to anyone, for free, the message of the Bible through the literature published by the WatchTower Bible & Tract Society until 1962.
  • We make every effort to ensure that the literature we put to the test is in perfect agreement with the original. Please report any non-compliance with the original that may appear.
  • Although in the middle of the communities that support this platform are not physically present members of the "anointed remnant" class, we consider the "remnant" present in our communities through the literature of "faithful and wise servant".
  • We are studying, without prejudice and without considering it infallible, the literature published by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society until 1962 (when that Society changed the teaching on understanding the verses in Romans 13: 1-7)
  • We approve the explanations regarding Romans 13: 1-7 of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society from 1929 to 1962 and not those after 1962 that correspond to the explanations of the Bible students before 1929.
  • is not an affiliate and does not cooperate with the current Watchtower company (
  • We invite all those who consider themselves Jehovah's Witnesses to follow our work and to be actively involved in promoting the message about the Kingdom of God and justifying the name of Jehovah's true God.

Additional remarks

  • jwunited, that is, Jehovah's Witnesses united and in particular, the “great multitude of people” are theocratic united by Jehovah God through the truth and mission entrusted to them. Any other "supplementary unions" similar to the groups and associations that have become, without exception, of a sectarian character (from Romania or abroad) such as political parties, who claim that they are Jehovah's visible Organization on earth fragment the "large crowd" and are elements that it splits the theocratic union left by God. This division also took place through the so-called "mature servants" and "responsible servants" such as the "elected elders" class named by groups. These "additional unions" made by these groups are like seedlings not implanted by the heavenly Father. "In answer he said to them, "Every seed which my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up."" Matthew 15:13
  • Those who make up the class of the great multitude are all servants of God, and any individuals claiming divine theocratic authority above their brethren are impostors if they are not named according to the "Counsel on Theocratic Organization For Jehovah's Witnesses" booklet, that is, named by the class of the faithful and wise servant. W.T. Organization 1938
  • The general assemblies of the various associations have no authority to make appointments of servants with theocratic and divine authority in the organization of God. In the organization of God the one who calls is greater than the one called. John 13:16