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"And all thy children shall be taught of Jehovah; and great shall be the peace of thy children."~ Isaiah 54:13.

THAT JEHOVAH is the only true God, is from everlasting to everlasting, the Maker of heaven and earth and the Giver of life to his creatures; that the Logos was the beginning of his creation and his active agent in the creation of all things; that the Logos is now the Lord Jesus Christ in glory, clothed with all power in heaven and earth, and the Chief Executive Officer of Jehovah.
THAT GOD created the earth for man, created perfect man for the earth and placed him upon it; that man wilfully disobeyed God's law and was sentenced to death; that by reason of Adam's wrong act all men are born sinners and without the right to life.
THAT JESUS was made human, and the man Jesus suffered death in order to produce the ransom or redemptive price for all mankind; that God raised up Jesus divine and exalted him to heaven above every creature and above every name and clothed him with all power and authority.
THAT JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION is called Zion, and that Christ Jesus is, the Chief Officer thereof and is the rightful King of the world; that the anointed and faithful followers of Christ Jesus are children of Zion, members of Jehovah's organization, and are his witnesses whose duty and privilege it is to testify to the supremacy of Jehovah, declare his purposes toward mankind as expressed in the Bible, and to bear the fruits of the kingdom before all who will hear.
THAT THE WORLD has ended, and the Lord Jesus Christ has been placed by Jehovah upon his throne of authority, has ousted Satan from heaven and is proceeding to the establishment of God's kingdom on earth.
THAT THE RELIEF and blessings of the peoples of earth can come only by and through Jehovah's kingdom under Christ which has now begun; that the Lord's next great act is the destruction of Satan's organization and the establishment of righteousness in the earth, and that under the kingdom all those who will obey its righteous laws shall be restored and live on earth forever.

THIS journal is published for the purpose of enabling the people to know Jehovah God and his purposes as expressed in the Bible. It publishes Bible instruction specifically designed to aid Jehovah's witnesses. It arranges systematic Bible study for its readers and supplies other literature to aid in such studies. It publishes suitable material for radio broadcasting and for other means of public instruction in the Scriptures.
It adheres strictly to the Bible as authority for its utterances. It is entirely free and separate from all parties, sects or other worldly organizations. It is wholly and without reservation for the kingdom of Jehovah God under Christ his Beloved King. It is not dogmatic, but invites careful and critical examination of its contents in the light of the Scriptures. It does not indulge in controversy, and its columns are not open to personalities.

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"And whereas they commanded to leave the stump of the tree roots; thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee, after that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule."-Daniel 4:26.
1 JEHOVAH'S name shall be vindicated. That is the all-important truth. He has made Christ Jesus his Vindicator and made him to be the ruler over his kingdom, and by and through his kingdom he will make known to all creation that he, Jehovah, is supreme and that besides him there is none. It is by and trough the King and kingdom that men shall be brought into harmony with Jehovah. Upon his beloved Son Jehovah has placed his name, and there is no other name given under heaven whereby men must be saved. (Acts 4:12) The kingdom is Jehovah's capital organization, and of that organization Christ Jesus is the Head. Jehovah has caused to be written in his Word that his purpose is to make Christ Jesus man's Redeemer and earth's rightful ruler and gather all obedient ones under him. Therefore it is written: "That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him."-Eph. 1:10.
2 In the dream of Nebuchadnezzar the leaving of the stump in the ground, which represents the human part of the original organization, would picture Jehovah's purpose of making provision for the redemption and final deliverance of the obedient ones of mankind and that these may grow up into another organization and live for ever. The language of Daniel 4:26 proves that the stump must have a close relationship to the kingdom of Christ. These Scriptural texts prove beyond all doubt that the "tree in the midst of the earth", which Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream, pictures Satan's organization which must perish for ever and that then Jehovah would cause a new tree to grow up which is his capital and righteous organization and of which Christ Jesus is the Head and overlord; that the hope of man, who was a part of the original tree, is in the new tree or holy organization. Therefore Christ Jesus is the tree of hope, because the organization is his by the will of Jehovah God and only by and through Christ Jesus and the kingdom can the people have a hope for life, for the reason that such is the will of the Almighty God.

3 Since the expulsion from Eden man's portion has been "with the beasts in the grass of the earth", even as portrayed in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. Rulers under Satan have been bestial, brutish, inhuman, cruel and oppressive, and the human race has been subjected to such cruel rule. These earthly rulers, being a part of Satan's organization, are likened to ferocious beasts. (Dan. 7:3-17) This is in harmony with the divine decree of Daniel 4:16: "Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him." Such beastly rulers have had no understanding or appreciation of Jehovah's ways. "O Lord, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep. A brutish man knoweth not; neither doth a fool understand this." (Ps. 92:5,6) As a part of the roots of the old stump in the earth these rulers have not reached out for the life-giving waters of truth, and hence have learned nothing. Concerning them it is written: "Surely I am more brutish than any man, and have not the understanding of a man. I neither learned wisdom, nor have the knowledge of the holy." (Prov. 30:2,3) As rulers and a part of Satan's organization they too shall perish.

4 The words of the prophetic dream, to wit, "seven times," should not be confused with the period of time elapsing from Eden to Armageddon, and there is a definite reason for this. The meaning of "time" is "a set or fixed time"; technically, "a year," which according to the Bible is 360 days. The miniature fulfilment was upon the man Nebuchadnezzar, and the complete fulfilment must be upon a far greater scale. These "seven times" must pass over the stump by reason of the decree of Jehovah God, not as times of punishment of mankind, but to mark a period of time during which Satan, who was pictured by Nebuchadnezzar, the head of the earthly government and who at that time exercised regal power as ruler of the world and as Satan's representative, has exercised the power as god of the whole earth. The "seven times", therefore, must be symbolic of and hence equal to the times of the Gentiles, to wit, 2,520 years. This whole


period of time is represented by multiplying the days of one year, 360, by seven (times), equaling 2,520; and as the Scriptures fix a day as a symbol of a year, the period of ‘‘seven times’’ therefore equals 2,520 years.
5 The ‘seven years’ did not begin to count from the date of the decree condemning the tree to destruction, which decree would be from the time of the fall of man onward. Thereafter and during the time of Melchizedek, and of Israel as God’s covenant people, there was at least during those times typically the kingdom of God on the earth, and as long as these existed the “seven times” could not begin to count. The reason is that the stump (picturing mankind) with bands of iron and copper around it shows the non-existence or non-activity of the kingdom of God in the earth. The beginning of the counting of the seven times must wait until the overturning of Israel’s last king, which took place in the year 606 B.C. From that time the scripture applies which says: “It shall be no more, until he come whose right it is” to have the kingdom and rulership of the world. (Ezek. 21; 27) It was at the overthrow of Zedekiah that this decree against Israel was entered, and there it was that Satan became ‘the god of the whole world’, and it was then and there that the seven times, mentioned in Daniel's prophecy, in the fourth chapter, began to count; meaning that God would not interfere with the beastly rule of earth until.the end of that specific period of time. That period of seven times, beginning in 606 B.C. and extending over a period of 2,520 years, ended in 1914, when Christ was enthroned by Jehovah and sent forth to rule amongst his enemies. —Ps. 110: 2.

6 The decree heard by Nebuchadnezzar, recorded by Daniel, was a divine judgment: “This matter [question at law] is by the decree of the watchers [Jehovah and his Logos], and the demand [the judicial decision, Strong] by the word of the holy ones; to the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” (Vs.17) Jehovah and Christ Jesus are the only “holy Ones”. (Isa. 57:15; Rev. 3:7) The judicial decree is rendered by Jehovah and is announced and executed by the Vindicator of Jehovah’s name. Jehovah and Christ Jesus are the watchers named in this verse, as it will be noted that the word is in the plural. They are the watchers over Jehovah’s name, and that pertains to its vindication. The intent or purpose is made certain by the words: “To the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men.” Therefore the supreme purpose is the vindication of Jehovah’s name and the settlement for ever of the question of his supremacy and his inherent rulership. Again the vindication of Jehovah’s name is magnified as the most important of all doctrines taught in the Scriptures. When Christ Jesus comes to the temple of Jehovah that marks the beginning of the time when the rulers of the world shall no longer plead ignorance but they must know that Jehovah is God. “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the Most High over all the earth.”—Ps. 83:18.
7 The words of the text “kingdom of men” do not refer to the petty kingdoms of Satan’s wicked world, but to the kingdom or invisible lordship set up over man. Jehovah has no responsibility for the national governments of the present wicked world, and certainly not as to who gets into office or is put out of office by the votes of men. Those who are wholly devoted to Jehovah, therefore, can have no part in the election of such rulers. The fact that Satan has been permitted to continue to exercise overlordship of man is no contradiction of this. He has so exercised rulership, not because his power was superior to Jehovah's, nor because he is higher than Jehovah, but Satan has exercised the overlordship because Jehovah has suffered it to be so, having fixed a time certain to permit Satan to work out his strongest practical argument in support of his beastly challenge of Jehovah's position. Otherwise stated, Jehovah has stood by and let Satan do his worst and bided his own good time to prove Satan the most fertile liar in the universe. Jehovah in due time shows his supremacy, first making known to his faithful witnesses why he has waited: “But for this cause have I allowed thee to remain, in order to show thee my power; and in order that they may proclaim my name throughout all the earth.” (Ex. 9:16, Leeser) The fact that Jehovah directed Jesus to remain inactive and wait until 1914 to begin his work of interference with the enemy proves that Jehovah is “the Most High [that] ruleth in the kingdom of men”, and that he is therefore supreme. In his own due time he delegates this power of rulership to whomsoever he pleases, and he makes known now that he has given it to Christ Jesus and that he will associate with Christ Jesus in that organization 144,000 others, the true and faithful footstep followers of Christ Jesus, who maintain their integrity to the end. (Dan. 7: 13-27) “Fear not. little flock: for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32) In this latter text the words of Jesus are not only strong but conclusive proof that the giving of the kingdom over mankind is exclusively within the power of Jehovah the Most High.

8 Jesus, although the beloved Son of Jehovah, must suffer humiliation in order to prove Jehovah's side of the question at issue and in order to demonstrate his own qualification to become Jehovah’s Vindicator. (Heb. 5:8,9) Concerning Jesus it is written that he was meek and lowly. (Matt. 11:29) “He was despised, and we esteemed him not.” (Isa. 53:3) Ile made


himself of no reputation and humbled himself even unto an ignominious death, and was therefore brought low. (Phil. 2:7,8) Therefore in harmony with the prophetic dream it is seen that it pleased Jehovah to 'set up over it [the kingdom or rulership of men] the basest [the low One] amongst men’. "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil. 2:9-11) Jehovah thus fixes the qualification of the One to whom he gives the kingdom. Those associated with Christ Jesus in the kingdom must possess similar qualifications and hence these are the low ones of earth whom the Lord uses for his purposes: "For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: but God hath chosen the foolish things of the world, to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world, to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are; that no flesh should glory in his presence." —1 Cor. 1:26-29.
9 Nebuchadnezzar as Satan's representative boasted and fell. Self-exaltation led to his fall and complete abasement. "Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off." (Ps. 138:6) Exaltation comes from Jehovah and is given only to those who are entirely obedient to him. (Isa. 57:15) In harmony with this divine rule Ezekiel was caused to write: "I [Jehovah] have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, ... Exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high.” (Ezek. 17:24; 21:26) The overlordship of earth ischanged, but this change of overlordship does not take place until the end of the "seven times”, which occurred in 1914, at which time Jehovah placed his Son upon his holy hill of Zion and sent him forth to rule. (Ps. 2:6; 110:2) This is further proof that the great "tree in the midst of the earth" described in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar is Satan and his organization over men, and that Jehovah's capital organization is Christ Jesus and those under him and that such is the new tree or organization in which the nations must hope. Upon Jehovah's witnesses now on earth the obligation is laid to tell these great truths to those of mankind who have a desire to hear, and at the same time to serve notice of warning upon others that Jehovah is God and the ruler of the entire universe, and that his kingdom is here.

10 Nebuchadnezzar called upon Daniel to give an interpretation of his dream, because none of his own wise men could interpret it. To Daniel he said: "This dream I king Nebuchadnezzar have seen. Now thou, O Belteshazzar, declare the interpretation thereof, forasmuch as all the wise men of my kingdom are not able to make known unto me the interpretation: but thou art able; for the spirit of the holy gods is in thee. "Here the name of Jehovah was at stake, because if Daniel the servant of Jehovah God could not give the interpretation of the dream then Nebuchadnezzar would have to retract his words on this and on a former occasion, to wit: "Of a truth it is, that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets," and, "the spirit of the holy gods is in thee.”(Dan. 2:47) The fact that Nebuchadnezzar, the representative of the Devil, gave expression to these words concerning Jehovah is no proof whatsoever that he was Jehovah’s servant. Jehovah caused him to be used to illustrate regal power and to perform a part in the great prophetic picture that he was making. Would Jehovah now show his power by giving Daniel the interpretation?
11 Daniel seemed to be disturbed in his mind and was silent for a while. "Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, was astonied for one hour, and his thoughts troubled him. The king spake and said, Belteshazzar, let not the dream, or the interpretation thereof, trouble thee. Belteshazzar answered and said, My lord, the dream be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies." (Vs. 19) The "one hour" mentioned in this verse is in fact a short while or short period of time. Probably Daniel hesitated to proceed with the interpretation because that part of the dream which applied to Nebuchadnezzar was unfavorable to the king and Daniel needed courage to proceed to disclose that fact to the king.It is more likely, however, that his short silence was due to the fact that God was withholding the interpretation for a short season for his own purposes, one of which would be to more sharply draw attention to the fact that Daniel represented the Most High, His hesitancy would make those who stood by conclude that Daniel was not able to give the interpretation, but in his own due time Jehovah showed his favor to Daniel and his power over Daniel. The king signified his desire to hear the interpretation even though it were unfavorable. Daniel therefore replied to the king, "the dream be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies."These words show that Daniel was guided by wisdom from on high. His words fit the fulfilment of the prophecy now. Seeing that Nebuchadnezzar at this particular point pictured regal power in Christ's hand, therefore the unfavorable part of the dream and its fulfilment is in fact upon the enemies of Christ. Daniel's prayer was therefore a true one.
12 The record then shows that Daniel repeated the description of the tree which Nebuchadnezzar had seen in his dream. (Vss. 20,21) Then Daniel said to


the king: "It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth." (Vs. 22) This reference to the tree's reaching "unto heaven" shows that the words could apply only to the unfaithful Lucifer when he was made overlord, and who is now Satan, and that Nebuchadnezzar was the visible representative of Satan on the earth. The tree as a whole could not refer to the human race, but pictures particularly the overlordship of Satan and those under him forming his organization. This is exactly in harmony with the great image described in Daniel 2:37,38. Bear in mind that it was after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, in 606 B.C., that Satan became the god of this world and Nebuchadnezzar, as then head of the world power, was Satan's representative on earth in his organization.
13 At Eden God had foretold the destruction of Satan. (Gen. 3:15) Now the judicial decree recorded in Daniel's prophecy foretells the destruction of Satan and his organization: "And whereas the king saw a watcher and an holy one coming down from heaven, and saying, Hew the tree down, and destroy it; yet leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the field, till seven times pass over him." (Vs. 23) Although the decree was made and entered of record immediately following the rebellion, Satan's overlordship of man was not at that time taken away, but Jehovah suffered Satan to continue in that office until his own due time, that is, until the coming of him "whose right it is" to take the overlordship. This period of time is the same mentioned in Exodus 9:16, during which Jehovah permits Satan to remain in order that He might demonstrate his own great power and in order that his witnesses might proclaim this fact throughout the earth before Satan’s destruction.
14 Daniel then tells the king that the decree is from the Most High and that part of it would come upon Nebuchadnezzar: "This is the interpretation, O king, and this is the decree of the Most High, which is come upon my lord the king: that they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will." (Vss. 24,25) Nebuchadnezzar refused to serve the Most High, was proud and boastful, and became insane, all due to Devil religion, and therefore he was driven from his palace, his power being taken away from him. Likewise mankind was cut off from the princedom of the earth and was put out of God’s organization, lost his true manhood, and became brutish, which qualities have been specifically exhibited by the rulers of earth. (Gen. 3:23,24) Also the overlord, Lucifer, was cut off from Jehovah's organization and became as a serpent and dragon and wild beast, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Pet. 5:8) The execution of the sentence or divine decree against Satan and his organization was suspended until 1914, the end of which time is definitely marked by the "seven times". During the suspension of the execution of the judgment Satan continued to have contact with "the sons of God". (Job 1:6-12;2:1-7) As Nebuchadnezzar was made to eat grass as the oxen, so in general mankind has fed upon what the beastly rulers and Satan’s priests have served up to them. Only those who have diligently sought the Lord God through Christ Jesus have been permitted to feed upon the precious promises of God's Word. The prophecy adds: "Till thou know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men." These words of the prophecy show that at the end of the "seven times" Jehovah would send forth and did send forth his beloved Son to compel all opposers and all others to know that Jehovah is the Most High, and that the rulership of the world has been placed in the hands of the One who vindicates Jehovah’s name. This corroborative proof further shows that Jehovah’s witnesses, in order to maintain their integrity towards Jehovah, must now amidst much opposition and suffering make known to the peoples that Jehovah is the Most High and that the time for his kingdom is here, and that the King has come and is upon his throne. Jehovah now makes known the meaning of his prophecies, including this one, to the faithful remnant, his witnesses, and this gives them a full assurance that they are on the side of Jehovah God; and thus they have comfort and are strong in hope that they shall fully realize all that God has promised to those that love and serve him.

15 "The watchers," that is to say, Jehovah and his Logos, commanded that the stump of the tree should remain, and the manifest reason is for the vindication of Jehovah's name. "And whereas they commanded to leave the stump of the tree roots; thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee, after that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule.”(Vs. 26) The original stump pictured the human part of the organization, of which Lucifer was made the overlord. It remains under the restraint, pictured by the bands of copper and iron, and in God's due time out from the roots of that stump come some who reach out for the lifegiving waters of truth, take their stand on Jehovah's side, and maintain their integrity toward Jehovah God, and this constitutes a vindication of Jehovah's name and a proof that Satan is a liar. This is in harmony with the decree of Jehovah uttered at Eden that 'the seed shall bruise thy head'. (Gen. 3:15) The leaving of the stump was a guarantee that mankind and his home on the earth would not be finally


destroyed, but that Jehovah would create another overlordship which would guarantee to the obedient ones of men a righteous government, under which they might live forever. This verse twenty-six of the prophecy shows that the stump is directly related to the kingdom of Christ and that the recovery of mankind must be by and through the redemptive blood of Christ Jesus and his kingdom, administered beneficially for the obedient ones of the race.
16 "Thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee" further shows that Nebuchadnezzar pictured regal power, sometimes in the hand of the adversary and sometimes in the hand of God's Servant, and that at the appointed time such regal power would come into and remain in the hands of Jehovah's anointed King, Christ Jesus. The Devil shall never recover his overlordship or be recovered from his insane total depravity, any more than the original tree trunk was to be placed back upon the old original stump, now dead and decayed. The new tree must grow up, which is the organization under Christ. "And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem."(Micah 4:8) That which is left in the roots of the old stump pictured the men of the human race who have a desire for righteousness and who are feeling after God that they might find him. (Acts 17:27) Such men of a righteous desire, like the roots of the old stump, reach out for the life-giving waters of truth which comes from Jehovah through Christ Jesus. This is in harmony with the prophetic utterance of Job: "There is hope of a tree, if it be cut down. ... Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, ... yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant." This is a further corroboration that these obedient ones of mankind in God’s due time will be gathered into and form a part of the new tree, being brought under the Head, Christ Jesus, who is the Head and Ruler over all. (Eph. 1:10) Now Satan, having been hurled from heaven, together with his angels, has been forced to know the truth that "the Heavens do rule"; and so all creation shall know that Jehovah and his Christ "do rule".
17 Nebuchadnezzar, the representative of Satan, was given counsel by the prophet Daniel, which counsel was ignored. Likewise counsel was given to Lucifer when iniquity first appeared in him: "Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity." (Vs.27) Had Lucifer not persisted in his iniquitous scheme to commercialize mankind and oppress the people the vindication of Jehovah's name would not have been necessary. Satan refused to profit by the counsel. Also his visible representatives, the rulers of earth, have received time and again and have ignored the counsel of the Most High, and that particularly given at the close of the World War; therefore Armageddon shall see their finish.

18 The prophetic dream was fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar in miniature only. The major fulfilment takes place on Satan and his organization, reaching a climax with the reign of Christ and the fall of the enemy organization. (Vs.28) Nebuchadnezzar had twelve months to consider the prophetic dream and to reform, but he failed to do so. Probably this shows that Jehovah gave Lucifer some time to reform, but Lucifer did not fear God, had no respect for him, and gave no heed to his word. (Vs.29) To himself Nebuchadnezzar boasted that he had built great Babylon by his own power and for his own majesty. (Vs.30) Satan made the similar boast concerning the world organization, that it was his own. (Ezek. 29:3) It appears that Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem before this boastful statement was made. (Jer. 52:12-29) Now self-conceited, haughty and proud he boasted of his own greatness, and "while the word was in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee".—Vs. 31.
19 The proud of heart are abominable in the sight of God. "Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. (Prov. 16:5,18) When Nebuchadnezzar’s heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride, he was immediately deposed. So declared Daniel at the fall of Babylon: "But when his heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride, he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him: and he was driven from the sons of men; and his heart was made like the beasts, and his dwelling was with the wild asses: they fed him with grass like oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven; till he knew that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will." (Dan. 5:20,21) The kingdom was taken from Nebuchadnezzar, even as the right of overlordship departed from Lucifer at the time of his rebellion, and man was then and there moved out from under the protection of the "higher powers" of Jehovah's organization; and since only those of mankind who have maintained their integrity toward Jehovah have had his favor.
20 After Nebuchadnezzar had accomplished the destruction of Jerusalem there was not even a typical kingdom of God on the earth. Satan became the god of the entire world, but could have no part in Jehovah's organization: "I will overturn, overturn, overturn it; and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him." (Ezek. 21:27) The destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar con-


stituted full grounds for Jehovah to overthrow the kingdom of Babylon. "And I will render unto Babylon, and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea, all their evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the Lord. And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant."(Jer. 51:24,29) Satan destroyed typical Zion, and in God's due time he was hurled out of heaven, and soon shall be destroyed, both he and all of his organization.

21 Jehovah has caused the ruling powers of the world to be described as beastly. (Revelation 13) Nebuchadnezzar, in miniature fulfilment of the divine decree, "was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws." (Vss. 32,33) What a fall from his exalted position as king and ruler of the world! Lucifer fell from his exalted position of overlordship of earth and became totally depraved. Likewise his official representatives on earth, who have ruled mankind, have been at all times beastly in their rulership. The religious, commercial and political combine that has ruled the world under Satan has been and is ferocious, harsh, cruel and beastly. These have not eaten that which God provides for those who love him, but they have fed upon the provender which Satan and his earthly representatives have provided. These earthly representatives, and particularly the religious element thereof, although claiming to represent God, are fraudulently so claiming; but they have had no part, and can have no part, in God's kingdom. They are proud and cannot hear and understand the words of the Most High. The religious organizations known as Catholic, under the leadership of the pope, and the Protestant organizations under the leadership of the clergy, have exercised pride and mutual admiration of men and have ignored God's Word and have made themselves abominable in the sight of God. They have fed, like the wild beasts, upon the elements of Satan's world.
22 At the end of the seven symbolic times, to wit, in 1914, the Gentile ruling powers, and particularly that part of it called "Christendom", were certainly a beastly-looking lot, and they went forth and made war upon each other like wild beasts, even as the prophecy foretells. Since then these earthly representatives of Satan have been warned concerning God's purpose; but they refuse to give heed to that divine counsel and all of them "walk on in darkness".—-Ps, 82:5.

23 For centuries man has been in need of a righteous overlordship or kingdom, but this need could not be supplied until the end of Jehovah's fixed time, within which fixed time Satan has been permitted to do all within his power to prove his boast. In that time mankind has been ruled by Satan's invisible and visible organization, pictured by the band of copper (mistranslated "brass") and iron about the stump. At the end of the 'seven years' of humiliation Nebuchadnezzar appears in a different role. His reason having returned, he now pictures regal power as exercised by Christ Jesus. "And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the Most High; and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation." (Vs. 34) The time limit having been reached, the tree stump must be released from the band of copper and iron. The time had come for the inauguration of earth's rightful King as ruler, and as such he is pictured by one acknowledging and extolling the name of Jehovah and declaring Him to be the Supreme One, besides whom there is none. In 1914 that time limit ended, and Christ Jesus, the King of righteousness, was installed upon his holy throne.
24 The end of the Gentile times, and the coming of earth's King, was the great event to which the faithful followers of Christ had looked forward. By the grace of God these faithful ones are made Jehovah's witnesses. The human rulers of earth were then also informed of the coming of Christ, his kingdom and his reign, but these earthly rulers refused to give heed to such information. The proclamation with which the prophecy of Daniel in the fourth chapter opens was issued by the Lord Jesus Christ. The prophet Daniel there pictures the faithful followers of Christ Jesus on earth in the service of Jehovah, and these on earth are the ones privileged to give publication to this proclamation amongst the people. At this point, therefore, Nebuchadnezzar giving the proclamation pictures regal power exercised by Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, filled with knowledge and understanding and the spirit of Jehovah God.
25 When Christ Jesus was installed as King, in 1914, he proceeded immediately to 'praise and honor Him that liveth for ever', the Supreme One, the Most High, the King of Eternity. Immediately Christ began the work of vindicating his Father's name by ousting Satan and his hordes from heaven and casting them down to the earth. In 1918 he came to the temple, gathered unto himself his faithful followers, and committed to them his testimony and commanded them to go forth and tell this great truth to the nations of earth, and thus to participate in the praise and honor of Jehovah's name. This great privilege Jehovah's witnesses have since enjoyed and do now enjoy.
26 The restoration of Nebuchadnezzar was a vindi-


cation of Jehovah's word as announced by his servant Daniel. Likewise at the close of the Gentile times the enthronement of Christ Jesus was a vindication of God's word as spoken by his holy prophets. Upon the coming of Christ to the temple he made known to his faithful followers the name of Jehovah and 'its meaning, and since then these faithful ones have appreciated the fact that their chief privilege and duty is to make known the name of Jehovah in all the earth and declare his works, and to continue to sing forth his praises.—Isa. 12:2-6.
27 Jehovah will now make known to all creation his own supremacy and that he doeth at all times according to his own sovereign will. "And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?" (Vs.35) The present day earthly rulers consider themselves to be very important and able to provide for, feed and rule mankind. They are arrogant and wise in their own conceits. This proves that Nebuchadnezzar when restored to his reason did not picture the earthly present-day rulers. These self-constituted earthly rulers utterly ignore the Word of God and they are as nothing, as declared by his prophet. "Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, he taketh up the isles as a very little thing. And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering."—Isa. 40:15,16.
28 No creature can properly say to Jehovah, "What doest thou?" because his power is supreme and absolute. Having purposed a thing he will do it regardless of all opposition, and he will accomplish his purpose in his own due time. It was his will that Satan and all of his army should remain in heaven until the end of the waiting period, when he would send forth Christ Jesus to rule. (Job 1:6; Ps. 110:1,2) It was God's will that the rebel army should then be ousted from heaven, and this was promptly done by Christ Jesus. It is his will that Satan’s organization shall be blotted out of existence. It is Jehovah's will to destroy all earthly ruling factors which now form a part of Satan's organization, and in all these things his will shall be done. He will spare only those of good will and shield them in the time of the battle of the great day of God Almighty. (Jer. 25:31-36; Matt. 25:31-46) His will shall be done and "none can stay his hand". At the present day the earthly ruling powers, acting wrongfully, try to interfere with the giving of the testimony which Jehovah through Christ has commanded shall be given by his witnesses on the earth, and by so doing these earthly rulers are saying to Jehovah, "What doest thou?" but they shall certainly be brought low and learn that Jehovah is supreme. Armageddon will demonstrate that the power of this evil world is as nothing.
29 The rightful overlordship of earth came into the hands of Christ in 1914, as the decree states. "At the same time my reason returned unto me," said Nebuchadnezzar. This proves that Nebuchadnezzar did not there picture the earthly rulers who at that time went stark insane and who continue in that insane condition. "At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me; and my counsellors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me."—Vs, 36.
30 Nebuchadnezzar there represented regal power exercised by Christ Jesus. Then was set up the royal court of Christ Jesus. "And again, when he [Jehovah] bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world [in 1914], he [Jehovah] saith, And let all the angels of God worship him." (Heb. 1:6) Then followed the awakening or resurrection of the faithful followers of Christ Jesus who had died and who must await God's due time to be resurrected. These were awakened out of death and gathered unto Christ and made a part of his organization or royal courts. "And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints. And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood, out of every kindred, and tongue, and people and nation; and hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." "And the seventh angel sounded ; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever."—Rev. 5:8-10; 11:15.


{raw:data:p|31|Christ Jesus is the righteous and rightful overlord of the earth. His is the capital organization of Jehovah and is therefore the new cedar tree, to which the people must look for hope. In harmony with this Jehovah caused Ezekiel to write: "Thus saith the Lord God, I will also take of the highest branch of the high cedar, and will set it; I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and will plant it upon an high mountain and eminent: in the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it; and it shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit, and be a goodly cedar: and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing; in the shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell. And all the trees of the field shall know that I the Lord have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish: I the Lord have spoken, and have done it."—-Ezek. 17:22-24; see Vindication, Book One, page 232.}}


32 The bands of copper and iron being removed from the old stump, no more shall the human race be ruled by wicked spirit and cruel human creatures. The new cedar tree, the righteous overlordship and government with Christ as Head, King and Savior, is made available for all of the human race who will be obedient to God. The One who was lowly and despised of men and by wicked angels is now exalted to the highest place, and thus Jehovah creates a new tree; and enthroning his Son as King and Overlord of man he has thus set up him who was "the basest of men" in the eyes of others of creation. This new tree is far more excellent than the original tree. It is the planting of Jehovah God and for ever continues righteous. It makes ample provision for all the obedient ones and "in it [is] meat for all". Under its righteous shadow all creation that is obedient to Jehovah shall find shelter and rest and shall feed upon its life-giving fruits.
33 The people of good will now on earth, and otherwise designated the Jonadab class, are pictured in the tender roots in the old stump which "through the scent of water" reach out after God and lay hold upon the precious truths of his Word and render themselves in obedience to his righteous organization under Christ; and, doing so, they shall live. Into this new tree are first brought the faithful body members of Christ who are blessed with the privilege of being made a part of the tree or organization that shall administer blessings to the obedient ones of mankind. Under the organization, and as servants thereto, comes the "great multitude" class. The faithful prophets of old were pictured by the tender roots left in the old stump, and because of their faithfulness they will form a part of the new tree; and into that organization shall be gathered all those of good will who will give themselves wholly to Jehovah God and his righteous government. The new tree is truly a tree of hope. That tree bears the name that Jehovah gives; it is Jehovah's organization. He has put his holy name upon Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of man and Jehovah's Vindicator, and now he commands that the message shall be declared, that "in his name shall the nations hope".
34 The prophecy of Daniel, chapter four, concludes with the words: "Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase." (Vs.37) Now Jehovah's witnesses as heirs of the kingdom do also "praise and extol and honour the King of heaven" and delight to bear his truths to the people. His truth and judgments are now being made known in the earth and must continue to be made known until all shall know that Jehovah is the Most High over all the earth and that all those like Satan, who continue to walk on in pride, Jehovah is able to and will completely abase and destroy.
35 Jehovah uses the things of the creation of earth to teach important lessons to those who have an honest desire to learn the truth. Now he makes known that pride and the love of selfgain led Lucifer to rebellion and to his destruction. As we observe the new cedar tree raised up by Jehovah in the place of that one that goes into complete destruction let us give thanks unto Jehovah God that he has made provision for the reestablishing of an organization that will be true and faithful to him for ever and which will bring endless blessings to obedient ones of his creation. The great tree of the earth, which Nebuchadnezzar saw, pictured Satan's organization which now shortly shall pass away. The new great tree of hope is the organization under Christ Jesus into which obedient man shall be brought and find life everlasting. The name of Christ Jesus is the hope of the world, and there is no other name in which men can hope. Let all those who have responded to the call for the kingdom give thanks and rejoice that they are now favored with the great opportunity of knowing Jehovah and having the privilege of being his witnesses and thus have some part in the vindication of his name. All such will continue,


under the leadership of Christ Jesus and amidst great opposition, to bear the message concerning Jehovah, his King and kingdom to the people of the earth. Happy is the lot of Jehovah's witnesses who are now privileged to declare his works, sing his praises and have a part in the vindication of his holy name.



FOR a long time there has been a general tendency to think and speak of the writings of the Old Testament, or Hebrew Scriptures, as being not worthy of consideration by people living today. The clergy have impressed upon many the thought that the Old Testament writings belong entirely to the Jews.
Now, however, in the light of Jehovah's ancient prophecies that are being fulfilled before our eyes, the records of God's dealings with his chosen people of old become very significant.
Did not the covenant made by God with the Jews promise them life if they would keep it? It did. "Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments; which if a man do, he shall live in them." (Lev. 18:5) "For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them."—Rom. 10:5.
Had the Jews kept the law of God perfectly, would they have been granted everlasting life? Certainly; because God had so promised, and he always keeps his promises. (Isa. 46:11) If there was any doubt in any mind, the words of Jesus make the matter clear. "And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live."—Luke 10:25-28.
When Jesus came, did he keep the law perfectly? He did; and that proves that the law could be kept by a perfect man and that no one else could keep it. As Paul states, he who would keep the law would be righteous, and every righteous creature is entitled to lite. Therefore, had the Jews kept the law it would have proved their righteousness, which would entitle them to life. The reason the Jews could not keep the law was because of imperfection, the result of sin. Sin entered the world by reason of Adam's disobedience; and all, including the Jews, were born sinners (Rom. 5:12) No sinner has the right to life. (Rom. 6:23) The law therefore proved to the Jews and to all men that if the human family is ever to receive the blessing of life, as promised by the Abrahamic covenant, something must be done to remove the sin or make atonement for sin. The basis for reconciliation must first be laid by the perfect sacrifice.
God, foreknowing the scheme of the Devil to bring forth amongst men a crop of evolutionists who would declare that men do not need a Redeemer, demonstrated the falsity and foolishness of that position by the operation of the law covenant. No man can ever be heard to truthfully say: "If I had an opportunity


I could make myself perfect and live. "The operation of the law covenant is absolute proof that the theory of evolution is from the Devil, and that those who advocate it are the instruments of the evil one, whether they know it or not. The so called "conscientious" preachers will never be permitted to hide behind a conscience which has been trained contrary to God's Word of truth.
Paul declares that the law foreshadowed good things to come. (Heb. 10:1) While the law covenant was made primarily because of the transgression, God employed it also to make shadows or pictures of his purpose for the reconciliation of man to himself. The apostle further states: "Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances [ceremonies] of divine service, and a worldly [orderly arranged] sanctuary." (Heb. 9:1) What were these ceremonies and orderly arrangements of divine service? At the time of making the covenant in Egypt a lamb without blemish, a male of the flock, was slain and its blood sprinkled upon the doorposts, which served as a means of salvation to the Jews on the passover night. That lamb was eaten, together with unleavened bread. (Ex. 12:8) That ceremony must be repeated or performed once each year thereafter on the fourteenth day of Nisan.
The lamb represented the sacrifice of Jesus, the beloved Son of God, who would redeem all mankind from sin. He was "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world". (Rev. 13:8) "As of a lamb without blemish and without spot." (1 Pet. 1:19) By this ceremony the ransom sacrifice was foreshadowed. God made promise that he would ransom man from death and the grave. (1Ios. 13:14) This ceremony would teach the Jews and others thereafter that the Lamb of God would take away the sin of the world, and it was so announced by John at the beginning of the ministry of Jesus.—John 1:29.
After the confirmation of the covenant at Sinai, Moses, under God's instruction, erected the tabernacle. In the holy place thereof God showed his presence by the cloud and the light. (Ex. 40:34) Once each year there was a special divine service in connection with the tabernacle. On a day certain a bull and goat were slain and the blood thereof carried by a priest into the Most Holy and sprinkled upon the mercy seat to make atonement. (Lev. 16; Heb. 9:6-8) That tabernacle service foreshadowed something better to come and showed that the sacrifice of the reality would make atonement for the sin of man and make it possible for man to be reconciled to God as he had promised. The sacrifice of these animals was done by a priest, for which the law made provision. These ceremonies were to teach lessons to the Jews and others thereafter. The sacrifice of the paschal lamb referred to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and pictured the ransom; and the sacrifice of bulls and goats and the sprinkling of the blood in the Most Holy represented the offering of the blood of Christ Jesus in heaven itself as a sin-offering for man. Furthermore, they taught that Christ, as the great High Priest appointed by Jehovah, would offer the sacrifice and make atonement for sin.——Heb. 9:10-14,24.
The law covenant therefore shows absolutely the necessity for the great ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ and for a sin-offering to be made by him first in behalf of the members of the "seed" and then in behalf of mankind in-general. Also, that covenant foreshadowed a new and better covenant thereafter to be made; and the ceremonies in connection therewith bore testimony to the fact that there would be a long period of time elapsing between the making of that new covenant and the time of its confirmation or inauguration.
Suppose the Jews had put forth their best efforts to keep the law covenant, would any special benefit have resulted to them? Yes. They would have shown their faith and confidence in God and in his promises, and their allegiance to him rather than to the Devil. The Jewish clergy who were leaders of Israel did not try to keep the spirit of the law covenant. They kept it in form, with their mouths, and outward show, while their hearts were far removed from Jehovah. (Isa. 29:13) They were frauds and hypocrites, making an outward show for a selfish reason. (Matt. 23:13-35) They claimed to be children of Abraham; but Jesus told them plainly they were liars and children of the Devil because they would do Satan's will and not the will of God. (John 8:39-44) The fact that they were sons of the Devil shows that they had no faith in the law covenant and were not trying to keep it. Their exact counterpart is found today in the so-called "Christian clergy" who 'having a form of godliness, deny the power thereof'; and from such the people are warned to "turn away".—2 Tim. 3:5.
But some of the Jews did try to keep the law covenant. They had faith in God, and they did their best to obey him. When Jesus came he found some of these who were looking for the coming of the Messiah, and they accepted him. The leaders, looking to the letter of the law, expected the coming of the Messiah; but they were looking for him entirely from a selfish motive. They practiced fraad and deceit. When "Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, [Jesus] saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!" (John 1:47) Nathanael then and there accepted him as the Son of God and the King of Israel. "Nathanael answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel." (John 1:49) He had no deceit or subterfuge about him, such as did the Pharisees. Nathanael and other honest Jews kept the spirit of the law because of their faith in God and in the promised "seed". They were pleasing to God and accepted by him, not because of the law which they attempted to keep perfectly, but by reason of faith in Christ. Upon this point Paul says: "Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the


law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified."(Gal. 2:16) Those who did have faith in God and in his promises, and who tried to keep the law, to them the law served as a schoolmaster to lead them and safeguard them unto the coming of Christ. (Gal. 3:24) They were therefore a people greatly favored of God.
The law covenant had a mediator. And why? Because the people of Israel were not competent to enter into a covenant with God. They were sinners by reason of inheritance from Adam's sin. Moses was appointed the mediator between God and Israel in the covenant. (Gal. 3:19) Was not Moses also born a sinner; and, if so, how could he be a mediator? Moses was born a sinner; but by reason of his faith in God and obedience to his commands, thereby proving his faith, he was justified by faith and therefore accepted by Jehovah as a competent one to enter into a covenant as mediator for Israel. (Heb. 11:23-28; Ex. 3:5) Concerning Moses Jehovah said: "My servant Moses ... is faithful in all mine house." (Num. 12:7,8) "Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments." (Mal. 4:4) "This [Moses] is he that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, . . . who received the lively oracles to give unto us."-Acts 7:38.
Moses as mediator of the law covenant foreshadowed Christ the Mediator of the new and better covenant. "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."—John 1:17.
At the slaying of the passover lamb Moses represented Jesus alone and exclusive of his body members, the church. In the new covenant Jesus alone was and is all-sufficient for the office of Mediator, to which he was appointed at the slaying of the antitypical Lamb. It would not be necessary for him to wait until the establishment of the kingdom to make the new covenant. At Mount Sinai, when the law covenant was confirmed, Moses pictured Christ Jesus inaugurating the new covenant at Mount Zion. There the blood of bulls and goats was sprinkled both upon the book of the law and upon the people. The blood of the bullock pictures Christ Jesus, whereas the blood of the goats pictures the church sharing with Jesus as "able ministers" of the new covenant.


Let us turn from the anxieties and turmoil of the moment back over the course of more than nineteen centuries to one of the tenderest and sweetest scenes of human history.
Jesus' birth, then the greatest event in the world's history, was about to be enacted. Two thousand years had passed since God had made the promise to the patriarch Abraham of the coming of the mighty One through whom all the families of the earth should be blessed. During that time Jehovah was executing his preconceived purpose, renewing his promise to the patriarchs Isaac and Jacob and their offspring to keep it fresh in the minds of the faithful, and shaping the course of those who should participate in this great transaction. And now, as the day drew near, the stage was being set.
The place selected was Bethlehem, situated on an elevation south of Jerusalem. It was once the home of King David's great-grandfather Boaz, whose fields the beautiful Moabitish woman Ruth had gleaned and whom Boaz redeemed and afterward took as his wife. Here Jehovah had used Boaz as a type or prophetic picture of Christ Jesus, and Ruth as a type of the remnant of today, thus foreshadowing things to come. Later Bethlehem was the home of Jesse and of David his son. The name David implies "beloved one"; and it was here in this little city that he was anointed to be king over Israel, from the time of which event he typified Jesus, the mighty Son of God. Jehovah had selected this as the birthplace of Jesus; hence here the birth must take place. Many hundreds of years before Jehovah's prophet had given utterance to these words: "But thou, Beth-lehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting."
Away to the north in Galilee stood the humble and despised city of Nazareth. It was the home of Joseph the carpenter, a meek, little-known, yet honest man. He was espoused to Mary. We should expect that Jehovah would time everything exactly; and so he did. Authority over the land of Palestine had departed from the tribe of Judah; the Romans were in control of Palestine, and the time for the birth of the mighty One was due. Exercising his perfect wisdom and power, Jehovah was overruling all things to the accomplishment of his purpose. Augustus Caesar, then the emperor and ruler over all Palestine, issued a decree that all the people should be taxed. Everyone must go to the city of his nativity, there to be numbered and taxed. Joseph the carpenter, although a resident of Nazareth, was of the house of David, and hence must go to the city of David to be numbered and taxed. Naturally his espoused virgin would accompany him to that city. She likewise was of the


house of David through another line than that of her husband Joseph, which was another reason why she should go there. But above all, the Lord directed them there because it was a part of his arrangement.
At that time there were no means of easy and rapid transit. It was a long journey, a tedious and tiresome one. Joseph, with his espoused seated upon an ass, journeyed through the hills along the Jordan probably for three days, and late in the evening reached the city of Bethlehem. The city was crowded, the private homes were full; there was no room for them in the inn. (Luke 2:7) Tired, worn, and weary from their long journey, they were jostled by the crowd in the narrow streets of the city. Applying at various places for lodging, at each place they were turned away; until finally they found a location where they could sleep in a stall with the cattle. And they retired for the night's repose.
Over the brow of the hill, in the field once owned by Boaz and gleaned by the beautiful Ruth, the faithful shepherds were watching their sheep. According to custom, they had four watches during the night. Some would watch while the others slept. The earthly stage was now set. But behold that there was no great earthly splendor or show! In truth, the condition of poverty of Joseph and his espoused, and the like poor condition of the shepherds who were now shortly to be used of the Lord, was the only fitting way that we should expect the Lord would have it. All the pomp and glory of earthly preparation would have been but tawdry tinsel, detracting from the glorious things that were shortly to follow. Each one of the earthly players whom Jehovah had assigned to perform a part upon this stage was humble, meek, and possessed of faith in the promises of God. In heaven there was a host of angels that should participate in the great drama; and all the hosts of heaven were witnesses to this unparalleled and never-again-to-be-performed event.
On earth it was night, picturing the fact that the whole world was lying in darkness and a great light was coming into the earth. The time had now arrived for the birth of the mighty One, and all the heavenly hosts were awake to the importance of the hour. Doubtless while others slept, Mary was pondering in her heart the great events that had taken place during the few months past; and while she thus meditated there in the silence of that night, without pain and without suffering there was born to her Jesus, the Savior of the world. And the shepherds watching their sheep in the field were attracted by the angel of the Lord, who came upon them, "and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."—-Luke 2:9-11.
When this heavenly messenger had finished his wonderful speech to the astonished shepherds, then it was, as if waiting a given signal, the multitudinous heavenly host stood forth, and sang the good tidings of great joy which ultimately shall be to all people. Their song was but the reflex of what had been announced. There the sweet singers told in words of praise of God's beneficent purpose ultimately to bless all the families of the earth. It was a song of glory from heaven, and the hills of Judea echoed the message of peace and good will toward men. And throughout the Christian era this sweet anthem has filled with joy the heart of many a sad wanderer; and seemingly again and again these have heard the song from heaven: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
The world is now entering its darkest period, and when mankind reaches the point of extremity, then will be God's opportunity to reveal to all sad hearts that the birth of Jesus was the greatest event in history to that time; and that shortly this same great Jesus, now in glory, will extend the blessings of life, liberty and happiness to the whole groaning creation.
The place of Jesus' birth was truly according to and in fulfilment of the aforequoted prophecy of Micah, thus showing that God had foreordained and prepared the condition for his Son's birth. (Matt. 2:4-6) Jesus was not born on December twenty-fifth, as is generally supposed; but his birth occurred about the first of October. Midwinter (or the month of December) would have been a very inopportune time for the shepherds to be watching their sheep in the fields and sleeping in the open. In addition to this circumstantial evidence, all the facts show that the birth of Jesus was in October, and that December twenty-fifth, nine months previous to his birth, was probably the date of the annunciation as recorded in Luke's gospel, chapter one, verses thirty and thirty- one, where it is written: "And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus."
Much has been said and written concerning three wise men who journeyed from the east to pay their homage to the babe Jesus, born in Bethlehem. Particularly at "Christmas" time is attention called to this by pictures on cards, and so forth, of the "wise" men journeying to the west, supposedly being guided by the star sent by Jehovah. It has been presumed that Jehovah by the star led these wise men to the place of Jesus' birth. The Bible proof shows, however, that these wise men were not sent by the Lord God, but that they were directed by the great adversary, the Devil, in his attempt to destroy the babe. Whether they knew it or not, these wise men were parties to a great conspiracy, originated and carried out by the master mind, Satan, the Devil, in his attempt to destroy the seed promised in God's covenant with Abraham, and who is the great Savior of the world.


When Jehovah drove Adam and Eve from Eden he likewise pronounced a condemnation upon Satan. He said concerning Satan and concerning the woman who symbolizes God's universal organization: "I will put enmity between ... thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Gen. 3:15) From that time forward Satan the great adversary has attempted to destroy every one whom God has favored and who Satan thought might constitute the seed of promise.
Jehovah has given to Satan four separate and distinct names, all of which have a deep significance. Besides the name Satan he is designated as the Dragon, that old Serpent, and the Devil. The name Dragon means devourer or destroyer; and Satan has at all times been seeking to destroy or devour Jesus and his true followers, who constitute the seed of promise. His name Satan indicates adversary; and he has opposed in every way the development of the new creation, consisting of Jesus and his bride, the church. His name Serpent means deceiver; and he has applied all his wily methods to deceive, and, as Jesus has declared, he would deceive, if possible, the very elect, but God will not permit him thus to do. His title Devil means slanderer; and he has constantly carried on a campaign of slanderous propaganda against the people of God even unto this day, and has never lost an opportunity to try in his various ways to destroy them.
Indisputable proof from the Scriptures shows that Jesus' mortal enemy the Devil guided the so-called "wise men" in his plot to wreak destruction on the holy child.




In the middle of October, when I started for Parry island from Honey Harbor, Ont., on the Georgian bay, by boat, we ran into bad weather and crawled along the shore for nearly two weeks before getting there. I had my own house on the island, but my son, age 22, single, lives in it. It wasn't long before I knew he was working against me and the Lord's work. I can neither read nor write, but speak Indian, French and English. My husband has the truth also, and he can read, and that helps me along, but I know the Lord makes everything clear to me so I can explain the books by the name.
I walked for miles to reach the outlying districts, and took my boat where I couldn't walk. Had some good experiences and found some interested. The Pentecostals are holding meetings on the island and go from house to house each evening. Some neighbors brought the preacher to see me, but he didn't know then that I was working on the island too. So I told him, and he said I had no backing and that he was backed by the government. So I said, "Yes, Satan's government, and he was their god and will soon be destroyed." He was very angry and left. Soon after this I had a summons charging me with selling books and causing mischief on the reserve and also for holding meetings in my home and trying to get the people away from the churches.
I had to go to the court in Parry Sound, so I took a few books with me to show them that I was doing the Lord's work. The crown attorney knows me; so he said, "Hello, Julia, what have you been doing?" So I told him, and I know the Lord was with me. The judge asked me if I was going around with these books during the week, and I told him I was, and on Sundays too, and I don't care what they do to me, that I would keep on with it as the Lord commands. So the judge said, "This woman has done nothing that is wrong. You are discharged." Before I left I gave them a good witness; so they laughed, and said nothing will come out of it.
After I went back to the island my house was filled with people every night while I stayed. I got some of them to read and ask questions. My son hit me twice because he didn't like it. I placed 8 bound books and 30 booklets and found there two Christian brothers who are sincere. Some of the homes had the books, as the pioneers had been there sometime.
The demons are very busy among the Indians with the "medicine man" trick. The secret is known to all, and there are many deaths through it. It's a piece of root that is eaten when they want revenge on one and the other, and they go through a ceremony, and there is no satisfaction until the victim is dead. Lately there have been as high as five deaths within a week through it. They sure need the Lord's kingdom.
Thanking the Lord for this privilege of taking the message to Parry island,

A Kingdom worker, MRS. JULIA SIMONS.



May I thank you for your wonderful helps in studying the Bible? About ten years ago one of the Bible students came to see us, and I chased him off the porch with a broom. I sure am sorry for that. Now I am out doing witness work for Jehovah.
My husband John and I were married twelve years ago. I was a Lutheran; he was brought up a Mennonite. When we married he started to go with me to church. About four or five years ago we started to wonder why there were so many different churches. Then later we wondered why Jesus had to go to hell for three days. We thought, then what chance had a poor sinner like us? All these years a few things (like that and some more) made us wonder if our church was teaching us the truth. We were half sick about it.
Finally, about eight months ago, we happened to tune in on the Sunday forum. You know what we heard. We could hardly wait for each Sunday to come around. We used to say to each other, "If we could only understand tho Bible like that!" Then, about five months ago, we prayed specially for the Lord to guide us to the right road and, if necessary, to give us a push on to it. We felt that the road was there if we only could find it. Well, the next morning one of Jehovah's witnesses came to the door with a booklet, just what we wanted. We sent for a set of books, and read one (The Harp of God). We saw the truth right away.
We hunted up the company here in C- and started out in the witness work right away. We did not want anything to do with the Devil's world, so we cashed in all our insurance and used the money to pay up all our bills, and put away just enough to bury us. We had just enough left to buy ourselves a good Bible.
We finished up all our worldly things and cut the last string with Satan's organization on Thursday, October 19, 1933. On Friday, October 20, 1933, my husband came home sick, and died of pneumonia on the 27th of October, 1933. We were out in the service two times together before he died. Now I must go ahead by myself with God's help. If I did not have the comfort of knowing the truth I don't know what I would do. I love him and miss him, but I know the time is short till we shall meet again, never to part any more, and to work together again to the honor and glory of Jehovah's name. The last thing my husband John spoke of before he died was the "highway" and that he would be made new again. "God bless you and help you."
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your goodness in writing those books for us to understand the Bible. I am doing all I can to help others gain the knowledge my husband and I did. We have a little girl, six years old, who is learning all about Jehovah God and Christ Jesus. I remain

Your sister in Jehovah, MRS.-H-,Ohio.




Having read, and received so much benefit from the different articles in The Watchtower for the last several months, I sometimes wonder what could there be of real interest in the next issue of The Watchtower. It appears that the Lord has an inexhaustible supply of "meat in due season".
I have served as an "elective elder" for many years. But all the while I realized the fact that the company could not make an elder of me by the election, and I told them so twenty years ago. There were some who did not agree with me, but I saw that it was the truth, and so I stuck to it. I also saw that the "elective elder" system was a gap through which Satan could continue to do some of his nasty work, and for a long time I was somewhat grieved over it; but now I am no longer grieved.
I am among those who went into the "vineyard" at "the first hour" and have borne some of the "light burden" of the Lord during the heat of the day. (I was among those who suffered in prison in 1918.) But not only am I willing to see those who have labored only one hour be paid first, and get as much as I get, but it really pleases me to see the Master of the vineyard do as He pleases with His own. I agreed to work for "a penny", and that is all that I could expect to receive when the evening and pay hour arrived. I am so well satisfied with the wages I have received, until I am really anxious to work on during the future days to come.
As suggested in The Watchtower, it is a real joy to me to realize that I have been used of the Lord, to some little extent, in helping to bring others to a unity of the faith, and common union in the body of Christ. If anything, I have been overpaid. I am poor in this world's goods, but I would not swap my "spiritual penny" for millions of dollars of this world's money.
With much love to you and to all of Jehovah's witnesses,




It seems as if we must express our thanks to you for sending us the testimony for the new book Preparation. We don’t wish to take up much of your time, but we both have rejoiced greatly because of the privilege of "bearing the fruits" contained in Preparation to the people.
The past week has brought one thrill after another as we have seen with what eagerness the people received this book. Realizing that the Lord is putting the words in the mouth of his witnesses, that accounts for our stock of books being exhausted in the first six days of Jehovah's witnesses' Praise Period, although we ordered plenty to last more than the nine-day period, based on reports of previous testimony periods.
This letter is also to assure you of our continued cooperation in spreading the kingdom message.




The Newark (N.J.) company of Jehovah's witnesses declare themselves wholly on the side of Jehovah, the Lord of Hosts, and fully acknowledge the fact that the visible part of his mighty organization is the Watch Tower. We rejoice to say that we delight in having an active part in the work of serving notice prior to the complete destruction of Satan's wicked system.
In this connection, we are more than thankful for the encouragement we receive in this fight by being fed on such wonderful things as have been recently extended toward us, especially through the means of the large hook-ups. In following them up we find many, many people who have drunk of that refreshing water of life, and want to continue drinking.
We use this means of expressing our thanks to Jehovah as an outlet to the great joy and enthusiasm which bubbles within us. We pray for strength that we may meet the opportunities and greater privileges which are ahead for those who love and serve Jehovah.


Hartford, Conn........ Mar. 1,2
New Haven, Conn....... " 3,4
Cliffwood, N.J........ " 6,7
Brooklyn, N.Y......... " 8,9
New York, N.Y......... " 10,11
Newark, N.J........... " 13,14
Montelair, N.J........ " 15,16
AtLantic City, N.J.... Mar. 17,18
Philadelphia, Pa...... " 20,21
Washington, D.C....... " 22,23
Norfolk, Va........... " 24,25
Boydton, Va........... " 27,28
Lynchburg, Va......... " 29,30
Roanoke, Va........... Mar.31-Apr.1

Austin, Tex........ Mar. 1-3
San Marcos, Tex.... " 4
Bastrop, Tex....... " 6
Taylor, Tex........ " 7
Rockdale, Tex...... " 8
Temple, Tex........ " 9
Waco, Tex.......... " 10
Mexia, Tex......... " 11,12
Teague, Tex........ " 14
Rusk, Tex.......... " 15
Jacksonville, Tex.. " 16
Henderson, Tex..... Mar. 17
Overton, Tex....... " 18
Gladewater, Tex.... " 20
Rhonesboro, Tex.... " 21
Texarkana, Tex..... " 22
Bogata, Tex........ " 23
Wenver, Tex........ " 24
Denison, Tex....... " 25,26
Bonham, Tex........ " 28
McKinney, Tex...... " 29
Dallas, Tex........ " 30,31

Atoka, Okla. ...... Feb. 19-25
Lehigh, Okla. ..... Feb. 26-Mar. 4
Dunbar, Okla. ..... Mar. 5-11
Cloudy, Okla. ..... Mar. 12-18
Valliant, Okla. ... " 19-25
Idabel, Okla. ..... Mar. 26-Apr. 1

Ft. Valley, Ga. ...... Mar. 1
Columbus, Ga. ...... " 2,3
Albany, Ga. ...... " 4
Thomasville, Ga. ..... " 6,7
Quitman, Ga. ...... " 8
Waycross, Ga. ...... " 9
Savannah, Ga. ...... " 10,11
Jacksonville, Fla. ... Mar. 13,14
New Orleans, La. ..... " 15
Beaumont, Tes. ...... " 16
San Antonio, Tex. .... " 17,18
El Paso, Tex. ...... " 20,21
Phoenix, Ariz. ...... " 22
Los Angeles, Calif. .. " 24-28

Monrovia, Calif. ...... Mar. 1,2
Ventura, Calif. ...... " 3,4
Santa Barbara, Calif. . " 6
Paso Robles, Calif. ... " 7,8
Bakersfield, Calif. ... " 10
Arvin, Calif. ...... " 11
Taft, Calif. ...... " 13
Porterville, Calif. ... Mar. 14
Tulare, Calif. ...... " 15
Lemoore, Calif. ...... " 16
Fresno, Calif. ...... " 17,18
Atwater, Calif. ...... " 20
Turlock, Calif. ...... " 21
Los Angeles, Calif. ... " 23,29

Iowa City, Iowa ...... Mar. 1
Davenport, Iowa ...... " 2
Clinton, Iowa ...... " 3,4
Dubuque, Iowa ...... " 6,7
Cedar Rapids, Iowa ... " 8,9
Jesup, Iowa ...... " 10
Waterloo, Iowa ...... " 11
Oelwein, Iowa ...... " 12
Readliyn, Iowa ...... " 13
New Hampton, Iowa .... " 14
Elma, Iowa ...... " 15
Mason City, Iowa ..... " 16
Clear Lake, Iowa ..... Mar. 17
Allison, Iona ..... " 18
Iowa Falls, Iowa ..... " 20
Ft. Dodge, Iowa ...... " 21
Boone, Iowa ...... " 22
Ames, Iowa ...... " 23
Colo, Iowa ...... " 24
Des Moines, Iowa ..... " 25,26
Colfax, Iowa ...... " 28
Hartford, Iowa ...... " 29
Adair, Iowa ...... " 30
Atlantic, Iowa ...... " 31

McGees Mills, Pa. ...... Mar. 2
Du Bois, Pa. ...... " 3
Brockway. Pa. ...... " 4
Clarion, Pa. ...... " 5
Fairmount City, Pa. .... " 7
Kittanning, Pa. ...... " 8
New Kensington, Pa. .... " 9
Butler, Pa. ...... " 10,11
New Brighton, Pa. ...... " 13,14
Ellwood City, Pa. ...... " 15
New Castle, Pa. ...... Mar. 16,17
Hillsville, Pa. ...... " 18
Farrell, Pa. ...... " 20,21
Sharon, Pa. ...... " 22,23
Greenville, Pa. ...... " 24
Meadville, Pa. ...... " 25,26
Oil City, Pa. ...... " 28,29
Titusville, Pa. ...... " 30
Cambridge Spr., Pa. .... " 31
Erie, Pa. ...... Apr. 1,2

Shaw, Miss........ Feb. 28
Mound Bayou, Miss. Mar. 1
Shelby, Miss...... " 2
Tutwiler, Miss.... " 3
Clarksdaie, Miss.. " 4
Sardis, Miss...... " 6
Memphis, Tenn..... " 7,8
Truniann, Ark..... " 9
Jonesboro, Ark.... " 10
Paragould, Ark.... " 11
Leachville, Ark... " 13
Success, Ark...... " 14
Pangburn, Ark..... " 15
Lamar, Ark........ Mar. 16
Fayetteville, Ark. " 17,18
Springdale, Ark... " 20
Rogers, Ark....... " 21
Gravette, Ark..... " 22
Gentry, Ack....... " 23
Ft. Smith, Ark.... " 24
Roles, Ark........ " 25
Big Fork, Ark..... " 27
Amity, Ark........ " 28
De Queen, Ark..... " 29
De Roche, Ark..... " 30
Hot Springs, Ark.. " 31

La Grande, Oreg....... Mar. 1,2
Hermiston, Oreg....... " 3,4
Prosser, Wash......... " 6
Sunnyside, Wash....... " 7
Yakima, Wash.......... " 8,9
Ellensburg, Wash...... " 10,11
Wenatchee, Wash....... Mar. 13,14
Entiat, Wash.......... " 15
Seattle, Wash......... " 16
Portland, Oreg........ " 17,18
San Francisco, Calif.. " 20,21
Los Angeles, Calif.... " 24-28